Less Parts, More Seat Time

Me at my first trackday years back…

I could start this article by being cliche’ and make a statement such as, ”the driver is the first thing to improve” but thats not quite what this is about. With all the different enthusiast followings, I have witnessed a few common trends throughout the years. People seem to get lost in the art of modifying their car without truly getting a baseline on how it really performs at the limit. Maybe you only enjoy the technical aspect of modifying cars and don’t care as much about actually getting on a track, theres nothing wrong with that. For others who are eating ramen noodles to afford that baller hollow adjustable sway bar or coilovers why don’t you save money and wait? Yes I know that incredibly cheap Holset turbo is very tempting, if you’re a beginner in any kind of weekend warrior motorsports though, it may not be required just yet.

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BMW Car Club Of America

One of the last track days of the season for the New England chapter BMW car club.  We traveled south to witness the ultimate driving machines in action. …read more »

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Street and Track shootout: Datsun vs. Mitsubishi

Two very different machines that you rarely see on the street. Both sport looks only a mother could love. Both used in rally racing at different times, both cars here now serving daily driver duty. We will find out which reigns supreme on a series of tests. Drag race, road race, dyno shootout and all weather streetability. …read more »

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Drift Spot

On the way down to NHMS Saturday morning my car lost its timing belt on the highway; lucky for us, my friend Josh was right on our heels with a fresh AAA card. …read more »

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Andy & Justin show us Portland

Last Saturday I spent all afternoon chasing these cars around town. From one spot to the next, drawing attention at every stop, “what kind of car is that?” Onlookers would ask. Both cars much cleaner than the ratty, neglected A2 golfs and  jettas you see occasionally. Heads turned with a snap, if not from the trumpeting exhaust then for the gleaming bright paint. …read more »

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Honda Day 2012

Ignore, for just a second the brutally fast drag cars and stunning show cars. It was just amazing to witness this many human beings in one place at one time. Sure there may have been a few fist-fights and some mysterious beverages poured into solo cups, but this was my first Honda only show and I plan on going back every year. …read more »

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Drift Spot Drift Day III (Part One)

Russ and his coupe

This past weekend was a long one. Saturday started us out proper at Drift Spot’s third open drift day of the season. This event was a blast, local New England drifting at its best. …read more »

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